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The objective of the ANMTA Scholarship Fund is to assist those individuals who desire to further their education and acquire the knowledge and skills to be better prepared to participate in the future employment marketplace.

It is intended that the ANMTA scholarships encourage individuals to demonstrate responsibility and scholastic achievement in obtaining their undergraduate work.

Each year, the Arizona New Mexico Telecommunications Association Board of Directors determines the level and quantity of the scholarships.


Applications Are Now Available

You can mail your application with all supporting documents to the address indicated below or you may e-mail your application to: kristi.lee@teamvtg.net.   The digital photograph requested with the application can be e-mailed to: kristi.lee@teamvtg.net

Kristi Lee
Valley TeleCom Group
PO Box 970 |  Willcox, AZ 85644
Phone: 520.384.8902  |  Email: kristi.lee@teamvtg.net


  • An employee or immediate family of an employee of an ANMTA Member or Associate Member in good standing may apply.
  • Applicants should be in the graduating class of an accredited high school or have graduated from an accredited high school.
  • Applicants should desire to enter a college, university, or trade school. This could include continuing education in undergraduate studies. This scholarship is for undergraduate work only.
  • ANMTA scholarship recipients from previous years will be eligible to re-apply and will be considered along with other applicants.
  • To receive the first half of the scholarship for the fall semester, the student must furnish proof of enrollment.
  • Once this has been received from the college, trade school or university, the check will be issued to the student.
  • Proof of enrollment and a copy of the student’s grades are required before the second check will be issued for the balance of the scholarship.


  • Completed and signed ANMTA Scholarship Application.
  • Applicant’s photograph.
  • A copy of the applicant’s current transcript with cumulative grade point average or equivalent college or trade school transcript.  For applicants that have been in the workforce and do not have a current transcript, please provide one additional letter of recommendation that details your work ethic.
  • A personal recommendation of the applicant by the principal and/or teacher of the school from which the applicant has attended.
  • A letter of recommendation from an official, civic, or religious leader of the community in which
    the applicant resides, or from an employer.
  • A one page typed essay on one of the following subjects:
    • Pick an experience from your own life and explain how it has influenced your development.
    • Describe your most meaningful achievements and how they relate to your field of study and your future goals.


Selections for the Scholarship Awards each year will be based on these criteria:

  • Grades in secondary school and/or continuing college grades
  • Scholastic honors, high school and/or college activities, or work experience
  • Community and other activities
  • Leadership and character qualities
  • Typed essay, (to be attached with application)
Past Scholarship Winners


  • Charley Bartl
  • Ian Castaneda
  • Daniella Chairez-Pando
  • Kaitlyn Christensen
  • Taylor Haring
  • Cora Heidinger
  • Kylei Horner
  • James Jarratt
  • Hailey Manning
  • Esteban Morales
  • Cristian Pando
  • Kyrie Pollard
  • Sawyer Riddick
  • Libbie Rynearson
  • Sierra Spencer



  • Hailey Bladek
  • Daniella Chairez-Pando
  • Colton Gililland
  • Carly Haring
  • Taylor Haring
  • Cora Heidinger
  • Alie Luscombe
  • Hailey Manning
  • Keely O’Neill
  • Libbie Rynearson
  • Jacob Shawd
  • Sierra Spencer
  • Jessi Watson
  • Tanna Webster



  • Samantha Bartl
  • Daniella Chairez-Pando
  • Katherine Dunlap
  • Olivia Foster
  • Anaya Gonzales
  • Kenzie Gonzales
  • Jennah Groth
  • Carly Haring
  • Alec Judd
  • Cole Kincaid
  • Allie Luscombe
  • Shilo Morgan
  • Ella Servaty
  • Jacob Shawd



  • Bridger Anderson
  • Samantha Bartl
  • Aiden Cabeldue
  • Daniella Chairez-Pando
  • Amber Gonzales
  • Carly Haring
  • Sierra Heidinger
  • Aaron Judd
  • Cole Kincaid
  • Allie Luscombe
  • Sydney Waller
  • Tanna Webster


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